Who are we? 🇬🇧

Have you just arrived to our blog? Are you interested in discovering who and how we are? If that’s the case we are going to talk about ourselves right now.
We are five girls and we are studying Bachillerato. We are Alicia Díaz and Carmen Llorente who are studying Sciences, Clara Cerdán who is studying technology and Ariadna Lafuente and Mónica Carbonell who are studying social sciences.
We have wanted to orient our blog to academic field, so if you have realized, the categories of it are subjects of school.
Why are we writing in a blog? Well our Language teacher encouraged us last year to publish our ideas and points of view because Universidad San Jorge was having a contest about it and we were really excited.
Last year we were finalist in this contest which was a big honour but we continued leading in the blog because we had already got interested in blogs.
A few weeks ago the same contest called “Periodistas del mañana” started. So if you are interested in it and you are studying 4°ESO or 1° Baccal it’s your time, don’t wait and join in!

Contact with us!

If you have questions about us or our blog fill out this form, send us an email to odsilospress@gmail.com or a message to our twitter @silospress