Bikini Challenge

Summer arrives and as always we remember those “extra pounds” we have taken during the winter. Advertisers take advantage of this and invade us with all kinds of diets, knows as “miracle” diets.

Miracle diets offer us a massive weight loss in a short time and any kind of effort. They are also characterized by removing a particular foodgroup, as the Dukan diet, which eliminates carbohydrates the first few weeks, or they are based on a food only, for example the artichoke diet or tomato diet.

These diets are directed for the population in general and are not customized for each individual. Also these diets steered us to buy certain products that “only” sell them and  substitute foods, as draining herbal teas, slimming shakes…

All this type of diets in the long run are harmful for the health since most propose menus too low calorie for most people, or lack of any vitamin or protein. A hypocaloric menu for many days will lower our weight, but it will be loss of fluids and muscle mass, not fat mass.

On the other hand, there is the rebound effect. As we are not motivated to be more than two or three weeks with the diet, which is not personalized, when we leave it, we recover the lost kilos quickly.


Therefore, if we want to lose weight, we must consult a specialist that adapts a change of life habits that we can maintain permanently in time, both food and physical exercise.

There are no miracles but a good diet without lacks accompanied by physical exercise are posible. If we manage to change our habits, we will obtain results and we will not have to reach the desired bikini challenge.

As an example of good nutrition we can talk about the “realfooding” movement promoted by the Andalusian Carlos Ríos. Considered a new guru in the food world. Carlos advises that we must get away from the ultra-processed and consume more “real food”.

Ultraprocesses are foods that have suffered a  processing where they are added, removed, mixed, textured, etc. All of this, makes food quality decrease and that translates into detrimental effects to a greater or lesser extent for our health. They are products such as soft drinks, precooked, sweet, packaged juice, sugary milk, etc; In general, foods that are wrapped in plastic and have greater availability and publicity in our environment. 80% of supermarket products are ultraprocessed and the vast majority of the population does not know it.

The real food is all those minimally processed foods or whose industrial or artisanal processing has not worsened the quality of the composition or negatively interfered with their naturally occurring healthy properties.  It is the main group, which you have to consume daily and are vegetables, fruits, legumes, fish, eggs, etc.

Real food includes too good procesed, which are those with an industrial or artisan processing beneficial or innocuous for the quality of the food with respect to its health properties. They are mainly real foods but frozen or canned.

“Realfooding” is a lifestyle that leads you not only to good nutrition, but also to protect your body by consuming properties that are necessary.

Resultado de imagen para every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

If you are reading this with the hope of perfecting your figure for the summer, then take note of this tip: change your habits, start doing sport and decide what lifestyle you want to have; but above all, accept yourself as you are, because as Meghan Trainor says: “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”

Read this article in Spanish: Operación bikini




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