Are we conscious about the salary gap?

Men and women who do similar job do not earn the same in Spain. Women’s hourly earnings are 12.7% lower than men’s, according to a study based on EU data.

The gap exists across variables such as education, age, occupation, type of contract, years of service, activity and company size…

But how it can be possible if there’s a law which says that paying a woman less than a man for the same position has been illegal since 1980? It’s recognized in the Spanish Constitution and it says:

The businessman is forced to pay  the benefit of a work with equal value and the same remuneration, without  producing some discrimination because of sex in none of the elements or conditions of that job.

The result of this research is a pay gap of nearly 13%, compared with nearly 15% in the EU survey. If annual earnings are considered instead, the gap reaches 23%.

These studies measure whether men and women are receiving similar pay for similar tasks.And that is where a pay gap shows up across variables. The study adds that we are still far from gender equilibrium and a few worrying dynamics persist although we have improved since 2002.

Percentage of difference between the salary per hour of men and women in Spain by ages

One of these worrying dynamics is the fact that the gap increases with age. Women under 30 earn 6.6% less, and this percentage rises to 21.1% among women over 59 (as you can appreciate in the graphic above), maternity could be an explanation, but researchers haven’t kept in mind information about personal family circumstances.

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