The device that will give hope to the paralyzed.

A team of investigators from Mayo Clinic in collaboration with the University of California, has achieved by a device to stimulate the bone marrow of the patient and intense physical therapy, make the patient intentionally move the legs, to get it to recover its motor functions.

After three years without walking, since he was diagnosed of a complete motor spinlar cord injury, the patient was able to stand and make staggered movements.

The 26-year-old boy performed physical theraphy before the implantation to strengthen the muscles. After this theraphy, a surgical intervention was performed in wich an electrode was implanted near the spinal cord, which is connected to a computer controlled device under the skin.

After surgery, the patient continued with physical theraphy. In only two weeks he was able to move for the first time, with the only help of a support for his arms.

Resultado de imagen de dispositivo implantado en la medula osea permite
Source: BuenaVibra

We are very excited, because our results were beyond our expectations. These are the initial results, but our goal is that the patient continues to progress.

Although the device needs more research it’s probably that, thanks to these advances, in the future there won’t be so many paralytics.



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